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A place where job seekers (military, ex-military & civilians) can discuss issues as they relate to seeking employment. Company recruiters are also encourage to participate.
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 Rules of Engagment (Please read)

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Rules of Engagment (Please read) Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Engagment (Please read)   Rules of Engagment (Please read) EmptyMon Jul 30, 2007 8:13 pm

The NCOA Veterans Employment Assistance Department provide these forums for users that have registered on our website, either as a Job Seeker or an Employer. Please read and adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

July 30, 2007

General Guidelines - Please honor and respect fellow forum members. Please keep content focused on topics that are of interest to our audience. These topics include, but are not limited to, the Military, Military Spouses and families, careers, job opportunities, etc. Please do not disrupt the normal flow of discussions or other content. Criminal behavior will be reported to law enforcement, and we will cooperate with all U.S. authorities. Although we will moderate the forums to the best of our ability, we are not responsible for the content. We reserve the right to edit and or remove any postings for any reason.

Spamming - Spamming is prohibited unless the thread or forum is designated as an area authorized for spamming. Spam includes, but is not limited to, the following:
* Excessive off-topic threads
* Posting of nonsensical messages
* “Flooding” the forum with similarly meaning messages
* Post-Count farming
* Inciting a forum war or riot
* Outwar-style links
* Blatant advertising
* Messages without content
* Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)
* Free-____ links (i.e. Free iPods, Free PSP, etc. etc.)

Trolling - Trolls and trolling will not be tolerated, and violators will be banned.

Advertising - Postings with the intent to advertise, spam and/or promote themselves, especially when the advertising is offensive, is prohibited. The forums are not the proper venue and may not be used to advertise a business, web site, product or service. These posts will be deleted and any or all accounts associated with the poster will be permanently banned from the forums. This includes the deletion of any Job Seeker or Employer account registered on We do accept paid advertising, you can reach us by going to our Contact Us Page.

Forgery or impersonation - Attempting to impersonate any person, including the NCOA staff, using forged headers, handle names, similar usernames (i.e. “MIttalis”, “Miitallis”) in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited. If applicable, we hope our users will maintain honesty about their military status, including their credentials, service record, honors, etc.

Profanities - We realize the temptation to pepper your remarks with profanity to make a point, but we must restrict the use of profanity in order to make these forums available to everyone. Therefore, you may not use profanity or bypass the software-based censor. In addition to words included in the censor list, sexual remarks and slang may be considered profane when used in certain contexts. For further explanation of what is considered to be bypassing the software-based censor: Anything done to avoid the default *'s provided by the censor is considered to be a bypass of the censor. For example, if the word “angle” was in the censor (it is not), then all of the following are considered a bypass of the censor and thus in violation of our rules:

* A****
* ang1e, angl3
* anglë, añgle
* a n g l e
* Angle
* a<!-- a -->ngle
* <img src=""> (links to image containing the word “angle” used in a demeaning context)

The list of words automatically censored by our filter is available upon request.

Harassment - You may not use terms or audio/visual materials referring to ethnic/national origin, ideological/religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a demeaning context. We have zero tolerance for discrimination. You are in violation of this rule if the nature of your post discriminates, promotes hate, promotes violence or advocates hatred or discrimation against individuals, groups, races, cultures or organizations because of their ethnic/national origin, skin color or culture.

Derogatory Terms - If you use any term in an offensive context against a person, race, culture, group or organization, as determined by our moderators, you are in violation of this rule. Please note that words carry different meanings in different cultures. While a word may be acceptably used in one part of the world, it may not be in another. Unfortunately, anyone can invent aderogatory term. Because of this, we will evaluate the context in which a term is used to determine whether a violation has occurred.

Pornography/Sexually Offensive Materials or Offensive Images/Shock Sites - You may not post or link to pornography or sexually offensive materials. You may not post or link to shock sites, or any such excessively obscene material. Blatant violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban on your account.


* You may not post any form of real life information of a user unless the user has first permitted it by express consent. Examples of real life information include name, address, IP addresses, and phone numbers.
* You may not distribute any form of real life information, email address, private/email Messages, and Instant Messenger messages (“Chatlogs”) with intent to harass or demean any person of group of people in any manner, as determined by the moderator, regardless of consent.
* You may not disclose a user's unpublicized email address unless the user has first permitted it, either by actual consent or previously releasing said information.
* You may not post any form of real life information if you are age 13 or under.

Email Addresses

* You may not harvest email addresses from our forums for any purpose
* You are required to keep your forum account's email address up-to-date. If any communication sent to the email address on record bounces, your account will be banned and you will have to fill out an Unban Request Form to have your account reinstated.
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Rules of Engagment (Please read)
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